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Everyone should have a plan and a purpose in the gym! Don't compare yourself to others only compare yourself to yourself.  Work on improving each day! Not only will your physique change for the better but your mindset will change as well. This positive mindset carries over to the rest of your life!!!!
Join The Peach Pit and have a plan and a purpose in the gym!

Customized Online Nutrition and Workout plan and access to gym $290.00
*Includes weekly checks in on a personalized portal 
*Customized nutrition plan and workouts. New workouts every 4 weeks and nutritional changes as needed.

*Weekly accountability check ins and video feedback
Current  Personal training Clients wanting additional workouts $40.00 Monthly for membership

In Studio  Personal Training:

Package  12 Sessions :
Sessions expire after 90 days.  You are allowed one free pass cancellation for any reason every 12 sessions if it is less than a 24 hr notice.   If it is less than 24 hrs before your sessions and you have used your free session you will be charged for a session.  This is to keep you accountable and respectful of your trainers time.    Consistency = Results!!!!
45 min              12 sessions       $600
BUDDY (2 people)
Each Person    
45 min               12 sessions         $480
ONLINE Nutrition /Personal Training Programs
Please email me at if interested or hit the get started tab on
menu on the website.

Nutrition only 
1 x plan 200.00 OR MONTH TO MONTH

Nutrition and Workouts with an app that demonstrates the exercises. 
Each workout is designed for that individual.  No cookie cutter workouts! 

1 x plan $250.00 OR MONTH TO MONTH 

Online Programs Include:
*Own client portal to keep communication organized
*Weekly check-ins  and progress pics
*Customized workouts with videos  demonstrating exercises
*Detailed meal plan along with customized macros (Protein, Carb and Fat grams suitable for you) change as needed
*Biweekly phone consults or as often as you need
*Progress pics monthly
*Ongoing support and motivation! 




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